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Pott's Diseases syndrome

Pott's disease is a tuberculous inflammation of the bones (vertebrae) of the spine mostly affecting children. If neglected, the bones of the spine soften and become sloughy, forming an abscess. Deformities of the spine and many other complications result.

potts syndrome
 Pott's disease of the spine may give rise to symptoms in other parts of the body, depending on what part of the spine is affected. If the spine in the region of the neck is diseased, the child will complain of pains and numbness in his hands and of irritation in his throat and difficulty in swallowing.

 If the spine in the region of the chest is diseased, the child will complain of pain in the chest and will find difficulty in breathing. If the disease of the spine is in the abdominal region, he will complain of stomach pain; and if the lower part of the spine is diseased, he will complain of trouble in the bladder.

The child will be unable to jump and play in his usual manner and will walk stiffly, as if he were afraid to move his spine, like a person walking on ice.

Never wait for all the classical symptoms to develop: when a child complains of pain in the spine and of any of the difficulties mentioned, have him receive a thorough examination and an x-ray of the spine.

 If you cannot afford a private doctor, take him to a clinic or to the tuberculosis and health organization in your neighborhood. Waste no time. Tuberculosis.

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