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Menopause Symptoms In a Woman

Menopause or change of life marks the time of cessation of menstruation. In some women it stops abruptly and in others it stops gradually, becoming less and less over a period of a year or longer until it finally stops altogether. In some, the menstruation will stop for many months, then return for a few months repeatedly, and finally disappear for good.

As long as there are no hemorrhages and no black looking clots and tissue fragments, and the woman feels well, there is nothing to worry about. The menopause may come any time be-tween the ages of 40 to 50. Sometimes it occurs sooner than 40 and sometimes later than 50. I have delivered some women of babies past their 5oth year.

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A woman who has not been using at coholic beverages, has not smoked, has not been on starvation diets for reducing purposes, but who has lived up to a correct hygienic code, sustained herself on an adequate diet, and managed to live a peaceful and contented life will usually suffer no unpleasant symptoms at the menopause.

She may experience some flushes or excessive perspiration for a while, but it will not disturb or upset her normal way of life and she will continue to be the happy and youthful individual as ever before.

The best way to act at this period until the system adjusts itself to its second youth without menstruation is to get plenty of fresh air day and night, get plenty of sleep by going to bed not later than 11:00 P.M., have a warm shower daily with a brisk rub down using a Turkish towel; cut out excessive fats and sweets from the diet and eat plain and nourishing foods generally.

She should drink plenty of water and keep the bowels active daily; this is really how she has presumably lived up to the time of the menopause. However, it is more important to observe this mode of life from now on, if she wishes to feel well, look young and live long.

Small doses of thyroid are sometimes advisable
Menorrhagia 615 in cases of irregularity of bleeding before the periods stop altogether, or if other symptoms such as tiredness and headaches are present
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