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Chair massage Therapy

Massage is the manual manipulation of the body tissues in the treatment of disease and following injuries. Massage is only one modality in the great field of physiotherapy.

It is used for the purpose of relaxing spastic muscles, for relieving pain and for stimulation of circulation, thus removing the deposits of swelling and congestion.
chair massage therapy

It is most useful for relieving local conditions in affected parts of the body. Those who make you believe that general massage will cure everything that ails you are out to sell you something.

Those expensive places where you are rubbed, massaged and exercised under the pretext of making a new man or woman out of you are doing more harm than good. Most of the people visiting these emporiums need much rest and walks in the fresh air rather than the strenuous paces they are made to go through.

A good many people suffering from slight heart affections, a little rise in blood pressure or a mild affection of some other vital organ are definitely injured by these workouts. It may give them a sense of wellbeing for a brief while, but in the long run it hastens a crisis.

Massage when indicated for some local or general condition, as advised by a doc-tor, must be given in a most gentle manner. If it causes pain, it is either wrongly administered or the patient does not need it. Massaging a painful, inflamed or infected part will cause positive injury and aggravation of the condition. Always massage from the outer parts toward the center of the injured spot.

Start massaging the healthy tissue by gentle stroking with the whole hand which is lubricated with a cream or oil. As the tissues relax and the patient feels no pain, move the hands closer to the swollen part.

This, kind of massage is helpful for reducing swellings and deposits after injuries and for resting and relaxing injured muscles. Deeper rubbing and friction massage is useful in cases of neuralgia. This kind of massage is given with dry hands, that is without using oil on the hands.

To relieve congestion of muscles, kneading and pressing with the fingers is often resorted to. But all forms of massage must not cause pain. There are some other forms of massage, such as vibrating and slapping, but these are better done by electric vibrators than by hand.

People suffering with tumor, skin disease, infections, hysteria and brain ailments should not be massaged. Sexual perverts should not be massaged either.

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