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Tonsils and Adenoids

The tonsils are 2 glands, similar in structure to lymph glands. They are situated on each side of the throat between the 2 curtainlike folds of mucous membrane (pillars of the Fauces).

The tonsils are supposed to be traps for bacteria, but we still do not know their true function. We do, however, know that they become easily infested by bacteria because they have open crypts or depressions where infected material will stick, just as around the margins of the gums.
tonsils definition

The tonsils are rich in blood vessels and are directly connected with the lymph vessels; therefore, an infection of the tonsils easily spreads to the rest of the body and is one of the most common causes of rheumatism and rheumatic heart disease, and also of infection of the kidneys and other organs.

The surest way of preventing tonsil infections and the consequences is to follow the rules of personal hygiene, keep the hands clean, and eat clean food which has been handled and prepared by clean hands. Eat only in restaurants where all tableware is sterilized. See  Tonsillitis.


The sense of touch resides n the skin,mucous membranes, teeth, nails and hair. The eyelashes are very sensitive to touch. The sensations of touch are carried to the brain by the sensory nerves. The sense of touch also includes the sensations of pressure and weight, the sensation of heat and cold, as well as the sensation of pain.

Some parts of the body are more sensitive to touch than others. The tip of the tongue is most sensitive and will distinguish 2 touching points at 1/24 inch apart; the palm and palmar surface of the fingers will do the same at 1/12 inch apart; the rest of the body varies between 1/2 inch on the back of the hand and about 2 inches at the back of the neck and chest. .


Toxemia usually refers to presence of the products of bacterial poisons in the blood. But the blood may contain toxic products from tobacco, alcohol, drugs and also poisonous products formed in the body from perverted chemical reactions or from constipation, from obstruction in the bowel, bile or urinary tract, and from other pathological conditions in the body. See Eclampsia, Septicemia.


When bacteria multiply they produce toxins which get into the blood stream and cause toxemia. Decomposition of organic matter (animal or vegetable) also results in toxin production and if taken into the body decomposed organic matter will cause a toxic state.

The excretory products of metabolism when retained in the body will act as toxins, and so will poisonous drugs. 
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