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Tonsillitis Recovery For Kids And Adults

Tonsillitis is an acute infectious disease in which the tonsils are primarily infected but the entire system is affected by it. There is swelling and soreness of the throat with pain on swallowing.

The tonsils are red and dotted with yellow spots, but if the infection is due to the streptococcus, the tonsils will be covered with a dirty yellow membrane, the whole throat will be aflame and swollen, and there will be much swelling of the neck.
tonsillitis Contagious

Besides the local throat symptoms, the patient has fever, headache and pains and aches all over the body. Even in a mild case of tonsillitis one should stay at home for 2-3 days until there is no temperature and the throat swelling is gone.

Take 2 tablets of aspirin followed by a tablespoonful of milk of magnesia; repeat with one aspirin tablet and a teaspoonful of milk of magnesia every 3 hours until the fever is down to mo° by mouth.

Once the condition is improved, the rest of the fever will come down without taking any more aspirin. If constipated, have an enema right at the start. Also take a mouthful of dilute peroxide (a teaspoonful each of peroxide and water), hold it in your throat for a few minutes, spit it out and gargle with very warm salt water (a teaspoonful of salt to a glass of water), using up the entire glassful, follow this by painting the tonsils with a 5% neosilvol solution or a 55% argyrol solution; repeat the whole procedure every 3 or 4 hours.

Don't take sulfa for every slight sore throat and don't chew on sulfa gum. Sulfa is a most injurious drug and should only be used under the direction of a doctor in case of serious illness and only in cases where other drugs fail.

A cold compress applied to the sides of the neck and covered with flannel is helpful. Keep on a liquid or soft diet. Don't mix your dishes, glasses and spoons with the rest of the family utensils; have them sterilized. A 5000 unit troche of penicillin may be sucked on every 3 hours.

 Penicillin troches may be taken at the start of any sore throat. Some severe cases of tonsillitis turn into a peritonsillar abscess. In such cases the fever does not come down in a day or two but continues, and the swelling in the throat becomes worse instead of better.

The treatment is essentially the same, only more frequent, and a doctor will probably have to lance it. In case of severe strep infection of the tonsils, large doses of penicillin, 100,000 units every 3 hours, will have to be taken.

Just because one gets a slight sore throat or tonsillitis, that does not necessarily mean the tonsils have to be removed.

Better care of the throat by gargling morning and night with hot salt water, greater precaution in preventing sore throat by not exposing yourself to cold, dampness and vitiated air, and strict observation of hygienic rules will prevent sore throats.

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