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Female Orgasm

Orgasm is the normal completion and climax of copulation.Absence of the orgasm may be a result of mental inhibition,frigidity or impotence.It may also be due to emotional distraction, nervousness and repulsion. In women, the fear of pregnancy is often the cause of frigidity.

Many women have the mistaken idea that they will not conceive if they do not experience the orgasm. The scientific fact is that a woman can become pregnant even if she is entirely indifferent to or resists the sexual act.
female orgasm

Most people who are worried by the inability to attain an orgasm can easily and impartially analyze their particular case, and then try to overcome the cause by not attempting copulation when they are nervous, distracted, excited or shocked about anything. Also try not to indulge in sex relations when the situation or condition is objectionable or repulsive for some reason.


Orientation is the knowledge of one's relation to the environment by knowing time, place and person. In case of illness, such as high fevers, intoxication by drugs, and mental disease, it is important to determine if the patient is delirious and disoriented in order to know what care to give him. It is easily found out by asking the patient the time of day, the place or room he is in, and whether he recognizes a certain person or knows his name.


Orthopedics is the specialty in medicine which treats and straightens out deformities of bones and joints.


Osmosis is the physical phenomenon of the passing of a liquid through an animal membrane, from a lower concentration of dissolved substances to a higher concentration until the concentration is equalized on both sides. This can be demonstrated in the laboratory by bringing in contact two watery solutions of different concentrations of a salt on the opposite sides of a parchment membrane (semipermeable membrane), and it will be found that water will pass and continue to pass from the lower concentration to the higher until the concentration is equal on both sides of the membrane.

The same takes place in the body: when there is more water in the lymph than in the cells, water will pass through the cell membrane into the cell. Crystalline dissolved material will also pass through a cell membrane when the cell is lacking that particular crystalloid.


Ossification is the formation of new bone by deposition of lime salts and other minerals.


Osteoma is a bony tumor that forms when a bone is injured or is continuously irritated over a long period of time. Bony tumors may form on the jaw when there is irritation and pressure from poor dental work. Horseback riders may get a tumor on the thigh bone from constant pressure and irritation and from contusions.


Osteomalacia is a softening of the bones occurring as a complication of thyroid and parathyroid disease. It is produced by a loss of calcium from the bones. Treatment of the original disease is the cure. Softening of the bones is most commonly the result of poor diets; starvation of children and grown ups in wartorn countries results in the development of osteomalacia in large masses of the population. Starvation for the sake of weight reduction may also cause osteomalacia.
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