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Lupus Symptoms in Women and Children

Lupus is a chronic skin disease affecting women and children mostly. The type affecting women is called "lupus erythematosus." It usually attacks the skin of the face, nose and ears forming reddish, dry scaly nodules.
lupus sign

When the scales come off, there is a depression in the center making the swellings look doughnut-shaped. The lesions seem to form around hair follicles of sweat glands. In neglected cases the general health may fail.

Improving the personal and general hygiene is of first importance. Plenty of fresh air day and night is essential, but avoid exposure to sun and wind. The diet should be nourishing, consisting of milk, butter and cream, eggs, whole wheat bread and whole grain cereals, fruits and vegetables.

Meats and all spicy, pickled ind preserved foods must be omitted. The skin should be thoroughly cleansed with soap and rinsed with lots of water, dried with a soft cloth or tissue, and the following applied nightly:

lchthyol 2 drams

Acid salicylic 1 dram

Zinc oxide 4 drams

Starch powder 2 drams

Lanolin and Vaseline,

of each enough to make 4 ounces Mix and make an ointment. Direct to rub into the skin at night after thorough washing and drying. Wash off in the morning.

The treatment should be kept up for months. Lupus does not heal quickly. Calamine lotion should be used during the daytime as follows:

Zinc oxide and Calamine (of each 2 drams)

Boric acid 1 dram

Glycerin 1 dram

Rose water and 95% alcohol of each enough to make 4 ounces

Mix. Use externally and be careful not to get lotion into the eyes.

If there is not much response, add 4 drams of the Oleate of Mercury 5% to the ichthyol ointment given above for nightly use. That may be used for a couple of weeks and then use the calamine lotion only morning and night for a few weeks. The rice, milk, fruit and water diet should be tried for a week or two in stubborn cases.

Lupus vulgaris is the type which attacks the skin of children and is said to be caused by the tuberculosis germ. It often forms ulcers and crusts which fall off and leave ugly scars.

The treatment is the same as for lupus erythematosus. Some treat it with X-ray and radium. But like every other disease, when it is not neglected and treatment is started early, a cure will result from simple treatment.
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