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Leucocytes or White Blood Cells

Leucocytes are the white cells in the blood. They are the cells which surround, attack and destroy bacteria invading any part of the body. The white blood cells migrate through the walls of the capillary blood vessels and enter all tissues which are injured, giving rise to swelling and pus formation in their fight with germs.
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They also help repair injured tissues and assist in forming clots in case of hemorrhage. There are normally about 7,000 white blood cells in a cubic millimeter of blood. The number may vary, but if it is as high as 15,000 or over it is a sign that there is an inflammation and infection in some part of the body.

In the infectious diseases and in case of an infected appendix or other acute infection, the white cells may reach as high a number as 30,000, but in blood diseases like leukemia the white cell count may be as high as a few hundred thousand to the cubic millimeter of blood.

The leucocytes are formed in the bone marrow and are destroyed by the liver when they have served their time. An increase in leucocytes in the presence of infection shows good resistance, while failure of increase shows that the patient's resistance is low.

Leucocyte formation can be stimulated by giving the patient extracts of spleen and bone marrow, which are rich in nuclein or blood cell substance. This will increase the patient's chance of fighting the infection. In very severe and overwhelming general infections, as in diphtheria, pneumonia and typhoid fever, there is no leucocytosis; that is why we have the use of powerful drugs like sulfa and penicillin in these cases to overcome the infection.

Leucocytes, as found in the blood under normal conditions, are of several varieties in certain proportions. Polymorphonuclear neutrophiles are about 65% of the total per cubic millimeter, mononuclear lymphocytes z o%, small lymphocytes 20%, eosinophiles 3% and basophiles 1%.

In certain diseases, as noted in the first paragraph, there is an increase in polys, in some diseases, the lymphos are increased and in others the eosinophiles are increased, so that when blood count is done it helps the diagnosis in a puzzling case.

Nuclein is a good blood-forming stimulant and may be taken in cases of anemia or infection

Nuclein       1 dram

Divide into 30 capsules

Direct to take one before each meal.Nuclein can be obtained ready in tablet form.
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