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Human Albumin Solution

Albumin is a protein soluble in water but coagulated by heat. Egg albumin is found in egg white, serum albumin in blood, lactalbumin in milk. When this simple protein (containing only alpha amino acids) appears in considerable quantities in the urine, especially when kidney cells and casts are also found, its presence indicates disease of the kidneys.
human albumin solution

Just because urine is cloudy does not mean it is abnormal and contains albumin. It will always look cloudy after drinking milk or taking certain other foods. If you pour some cloudy urine into a test tube and boil it, the cloudiness will usually disappear.

On the other hand, urine containing albumin and other abnormal substances may look perfectly clear, but will become cloudy on boiling. If you suspect kidney trouble, fill a test tube with urine (preferably from a vessel in which urine has been collected several times during 24 hours), hold the lower end of the test tube between your fingers, let the upper portion of the tube incline over the flame of a small gas or alcohol burner until it boils.

If albumin is present, the boiled top portion of urine will turn cloudy indicating a small amount, or it will turn thick, white and almost solid indicating a larger quantity of albumin.

To make certain the white precipitate is nothing else but albumin, add 2-3 drops of diluted vinegar and gently shake the top of the test tube; if the precipitate remains unaffected, albumin is its name.

Small amounts of albumin in the urine may occur in healthy people, after strenuous exercise or following a cold bath. When a person has fever or on eating excessive quantities of protein, albumin may appear in the urine. This does not indicate kidney disease, but better prevent it if you can


Beat up the white of an egg in a glass of tap water; sweeten, and flavor with a
few drops of lemon juice. If it is to be used as an antidote for poisoning, use no lemon or sugar.

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