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Fascia Definition

Fascia is a connective and supporting tissue of the body. It is not as vital a tissue as muscle or nerve tissue, which consist mostly of specialized cells with specialized functions.

It is rather a homogenous tissue consisting mostly of a shiny, gelatinous material like tendon and cartilage with a few cells far between.

Fascia occurs in the body mostly as thin, smooth sheets enveloping each muscle, and making an all over covering underneath the skin, helping the skin to preserve the form and support the contours of the body.
fascia flow

In some parts of the body, as between large muscles and organs, the fascia sheets and bands act as very powerful supports. Infection in certain parts is often prevented from spreading to other parts of the body by the barrier of fascia sheets.

Sometimes, on the other hand, an infection will travel along a fascia sheet and involve a distant part. A surgeon must be familiar with the character of the fascia in different parts of the body.

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