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Dysentery Symptoms

Dysentery is an inflammation of the intestine characterized by fever, abdominal pains, ulcerations of the bowel vomiting and diarrhea with bloody stools. In chronic cases, there are abdominal pains, weakness and constipation and blood in the stools.

This disease caused by germs, worms or viruses, and depending on the cause it is variously, called bacillary, amebic, giardiac and virus dysentery.

The cause, the Shiga Flexner germ, or the ameba or the giardiac (larger animalcules found in dirty water), or a virus which is smaller even than a germ is often undiscoverable.

Very often the causative agent, after infesting the bowel, gets into the blood stream and attacks other organs and parts of the body; thus it may start an abscess in the liver, around the kidney or in the lungs.

The only way to prevent all these forms of dysentery is thorough cleanliness in the preparation and handling of foods and beverages. If you travel in places where the milk, food and supply are suspect as to sanitary status then all food, milk and water must be boiled, and the preparation of food personally supervised or it will be contaminated by those who handle it.

In recent years, epidemics of a dysentery nature have been occurring in hospitals right the U.S.A. among new-born infant.

It was found that breast-fed babies sell were affected, and when they were cases were not serious. The bottle-fed infants are the most viciously attacked in these epidemics, and in most cases disease is fatal.

The internes and nurses in these hospitals are also frequently attacked in these epidemics. It is rather a sad state of affairs that hospitals, which should be the strongholds of preventive medicine, are so neglectful of the most elementary rules of hygiene and sanitation as to bring on such epidemics in their sanctuary-like confines.

Evidently the personnel (lay and medical) is so preoccupied with the pseudoscientific cures they neglect the first principles of the health maintenance and disease prevention.

To remedy these conditions, the hospital supervision and management should be placed in the hands of general practitioners who are humble enough to the fundamental rules of prevention

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