What is Vaginismus

_Vaginismus_Vaginismus is an abnormally spasmatic contraction of the vagina, which makes intercourse extremely painful or even impossible and horrifying to the woman. This condition may be due to irritation, inflammation of the vagina or of nearby parts.

There may be abrasions or fissures in the mucous membrane, which will cause the painful spasm. There may be an oversupply of sensory nerve endings at the vaginal opening or a thick and tight hymen.

There may be an incompatibility, or a sense of repulsion between hus-band and wife or a disproportion of the organs. The husband may be inconsiderate, rough and brutal.

The woman may be ignorant, neurotic and hysterical. Any of these conditions may be the cause of vaginismus. The cause should be found and eliminated, any abnormality should be corrected and remedied. In some cases anesthesia may be necessary to enable the doctor to make a thorough examination.
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Generally, in simple cases where there is no gross abnormality or disease, gradual dilatation under local anesthesia followed by daily insertion of a rectal dilator, starting with a small size and in-creasing the size as the opening is enlarged will remedy the situation.

Warm douches and warm baths help. The diet in all cases must be bland; spices and stimu-lants must absolutely be avoided. Pregnancy and the delivery of a child cures most cases.

If the incompatibility be-tween husband and wife is inadjustable, the marriage should be resolved at the earliest possible time before great harm is wrought to the physical and mental health of both.


Vaginitis is an inflammation of the vagina, the cause of which may vary between gonorrhea and a host milder infections
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