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Vagotomy Gastric Surgery

Vagotomy is the name of a surgical operation which consists of severing the vagus nerve for the purpose of curing or relieving the symptoms of gastric ulcer. Whether it cures or relieves is still very questionable, but some surgeons insist that it does.

If the entire question of gastric ulcer is still a puzzle, how can a stat in the back be a cure for it? It has not even proved successful on cats and dogs so how will it help you? Statistical records show that 20,00( operations of vagotomy have been performed during the last few years al over the world, excepting the U. S. A.

Proportionately figuring that there are two billion people in the world the United States quota of "vagotomies" during the same period should have been about one thousand five hundred (150o) That would be fair enough . . . for an experiment.

But don't be shocked at the, back-porch secret the great scientist have disclosed. What you cannot do when you drape yourself in the scientist' toga is nobody's business. Here is the fact: 10,000 vagotomies instead of 150 have been performed in our country during the last few years.

Don't you be one of the victims! Have your gastric or duodenal ulcer treated medically and you will at least stand a chance. Some few emergencies in this disease require surgery but not vagotomy.

They don' begin to know what far-reaching damag they may cause by interfering with th function of such a complicated nerve the vagus; but what need of knowing that as long as they can cut to fit their purpose
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