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skin condition eczema

Eczema is an inflammation (dermatitis) of the skin. It may be in the form of an erythema, when the skin is an angry red as if it were scalded by hot water, or there may be an eruption of pustules, blebs and crusts. There are always scales, and some cases are dry while others are "weeping wet" all the time.
Baby Eczema

It may affect one part, as the leg, with a varicose ulcer or around an old injury, or it may affect symmetrical parts, as the head and face, both hands or feet, or the whole body.

Some cases of eczema arc of occupational origin, from contact with chemicals and other sensitizing materials; others are caused by the patient being allergic to certain foods or being affected by some systemic disease, as diabetes.

In infants and children eczema is always the result of being allergic to some food, as milk, eggs, fat or sugar, or it may be due to overfeeding. The underlying cause and the offending material or food should be tracked down and eliminated.

The patient should be put on a simple diet of milk, eggs, whole grain cereals, whole wheat bread, fruits and vegetables.

Small portions of lean meat, chicken or fish may be allowed only two or three times a week. If an adult is found allergic to eggs or fish, these foods should, of course, be excluded from the diet.
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