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Osteopathy and Otosclerosis definition

OSTEOPATHY definition
OSTEOPATHY Osteopathy is a system of treatment of disease by manipulation of bones, joints and other tissues, based on a theory that all diseases are produced by mechanical derangement which is the cause of disturbed function. Such suppositions were good enough during the last century when so little was known about the cause of disease, but are out of date at the present stage of scientific medicine.

One pet osteopathic fad cannot be accepted as covering all disease, just as the bone twisting chiropractic fad cannot. The osteopathic fraternity is coming to realize that, and sooner or later they will accept the regular scientific school and practice of medicine as the proper system.


Otosclerosis is a progressive development of deafness first in one, then in the other ear. It is caused by a diseased condition of the fine, little bones in the middle and internal ear. These bones are attached to the eardrum and transmit the sound waves or drum vibrations to the internal ear.

But when these little bones become diseased and immovable, deafness results. Some claim it to be hereditary, but most likely it is an ar-thritis such as occurs in the bones and joints of other parts of the body. Expo-sure to loud noise for long periods may cause it. Good hygiene, the right food, the exclusion of noise, and the elimination of infections from the body will prevent this disease as well as many others.

The highly expensive Lempert fenestration operation gives relief in some cases, but it is said that the relief is not permanent in many of the cases treated. At all costs, when a person feels his hearing is lessening he should consult an ear doctor promptly and have the cause ascertained and removed, if possible, before it is too late.

There are many other causes of deafness besides otosclerosis which can be cured or relieved
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