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Ectropion eyelid surgery

Ectropion is a turning out of the edges of the eyelids. It may be the consequence of chronic inflammations and infections of the lids, injury, burns, old age, frequent styes and granulations (trachoma).

These will all result in eversion of the inner red surface (conjunctiva) of the lid.

The treatment is application of hot boric acid solution compresses, massage, and touching the red margin with a 2% silver nitrate solution.' The massage and hot compresses are to be used nightly, and the silver nitrate swabbing done only once in five days and only two times.

After touching up the everted part of the lid with silver nitrate, bathe the eye with salt water to neutralize the irritating silver solution

There are many causes of ectropion – most are from problems with the surrounding muscle and tissue of the eyelid.
•Surgery: Over-correction of previous problems, such as entropion, can cause ectropion. This can also happen with cosmetic eye surgeries, or radiation therapy to treat certain cancerous growths.

• Congenital disorders: People with Down syndrome are sometimes born with ectropion.

• Weight loss surgery and other rapid weight loss: If you have had recent, rapid weight loss, ectropion can occur.

• Growths: Any kind of growths on the eyelid can cause this problem.

• Muscle problems: Weakness in the muscles or facial paralysis (often seen with Bell's palsy), can relax the lid too much, causing it to droop. Aging can also cause this weakness to occur, causing ectropion.

• Scars: Scarring and trauma to the eyelids can also cause this disorder.
Because the eyelid is pulled away from the eyeball, your eye will not drain properly. This can cause the three major signs and symptoms of ectropion:

• Epiphora – the excessive overflow of tears is twofold. One, your eyes are trying to compensate for being dried out, and two, your puncta (the little tear ducts at the inner corner of your eye) are not draining properly.

• Gritty feeling in the affected eye.

• Irritation and burning in the affected eye.
Sagging or drooping eyelids are also a sign of ectropion. 

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