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Dust Diseases

Dust Diseases (Anthracosis, Silicosis, Pneumoconiosis) are mostly occupational diseases affecting the lungs, occurring in workers employed in industries where metallic or other irritating dusts abound.

Coal miners and stone cutters, as well as men working with alum, asbestos, brass, iron, bronze, clay, cotton and grain, are often affected. If their condition is neglected, they develop chronic bronchitis and emphysema, asthma, pneumonia, or destruction and consolidation of the lung tissue.
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Thorough ventilation, the use of exhaust fans in mines and factories, and the use of masks by the workers will prevent the development of these serious consequences to the health and life of the workers.

If a worker is already affected, he should change his occupation at once. The dust-laden air of large cities is responsible for the development of cancer of the lungs. Ordinances should be passed against, and measures taken to prevent, contamination of the air by dust and soot from factory and apartment building chimneys.

Dust in the home can be kept at a minimum by care in cleaning and dusting. Use oily or moist rags, and if possible a vacuum cleaner to prevent dust from flying in the air ,when cleaning.

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