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Displacement Definition

Displacement in psychiatry means the transferring of one's emotions of anger, hate and fear to an idea, object or person who or which in reality is not the cause of that emotion. Some so-called normal people resort to such subterfuges as the "displacement of emotion mechanism," but such behavior is certainly not considered evenhanded or equitable.
in psychiatry

Therefore we must not resort to such unjust and untruthful methods because what is unfair and unjust is also unhealthy. It is unhealthy for the one who perpetrates the injustice because it causes distorted and deteriorated mental habits and it certainly harms the one at whom the injustice is directed.

Directing such emotion against an idea is equally iniquitous. As free Americans we must grant all others freedom from our annoyances. Displacement in the physical sense refers to an organ displaced out of its normal location, or position, as a dropped kidney or dislocated bone.

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