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Orchitis Definition

Orchitis is an inflammation of the testicles. Usually when the testicles are infected and inflamed, the ducts or tubes (epididymitis) alongside are also inflamed, and in most cases this is caused by gonorrhea. Mumps and other body infections may also produce an inflammation of the testicles.

Sometimes the testicles atrophy after an attack of kind. In gonorrheal orchids the testicles greatly swollen and tender, pain is acute, and the patient runs a high perature. The patient should be kept bed, the bowels kept open by an ell the testicles should be supported ard icebag applied to them.

He should served a light but nourishing diet. Sulfa or penicillin should be given him and the  following ointment applied:

  • Ichthyol 2 drams

  • Glycerin 2 drams

  • Starch powder 2 drams

  • Lanolin and Vaseline, equal parts of each, make 2 ounces

Mix and make an ointment. Direct to thickly on gauze and cover the testicles around with this twice a day.

The testicles can be supported folded sheet or small blanket placed bettween the thighs, by a loose suspensory bag, or by pinning a strip of sheeting  around the thighs which will serve as supporting shelf for the testicles. The icebag is applied one-half hour at a time, alternating one-half hour on and one-half hour off.

Tuberculosis may cause orchitis, it was in the past usually necessary to perform castration in these cases. But now, if the case is not neglected, " streptomycin" injections may be tried and an  operation possibly avoided
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