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Malar Bone Definition

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The malar bone or cheek bone, one of the 14 bones of the face, is a small bone making up the prominence of the cheek, below the outer angle of the eye called the malar eminence. If you have high cheek bones , it is the malar bone that does it. Part of this bone forms the outer part of the eye socket.

Another portion of it joins the barlike process of the temporal bone and forms the zygomatic arch. This arch is that bar of bone which bridges the side of the face from the malar eminence to the middle of the ear.

The malar bone is also joined to the frontal bone and to the upper jaw. The masseter muscle , the chief muscle of mastication, is attached to the zygomatic arch and malar bone and the lower jaw.

This is the muscle which grinds the food and covers the side of the face
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