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Floating Kidney Symptoms

Floating kidney is not a diseased kidney, but a normal kidney which has dropped down from its high position and attachment to the back wall of the abdomen. It may give symptoms of headache, nausea, vomiting and pain on the side of the dropped kidney.
kidney cancer

The symptoms of a dropped kidney are often are often mistaken for stomach trouble or kidney stones, which can be excluded by a careful examination.

Often The patient will notice  that by lying down in a certain position most of the discomfort will disappear abruptly because the kidney settles into its normal position.

Some women suffering from a dropped kidney will become nervous and hysterical, and the real cause will be overlooked. The kidney drops after loss of considerable body weight, after confinement or other strains.

Hard work involving lifting or being on the feet for long hours, straining at stool, and overexercising are additional reasons for dropped kidney.
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