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Sarcoma Cancer Sartorus and Satyriasis

sarcomaSarcoma is a malignant growth, the cells of which are of a different nature than those of cancer but the malignancy is not different, nor do the doctors know mmore about this than they know about cancer.

The sartorius is a long muscle in the thigh which assist in the bending of the thigh and knee.It is the longest muscle in the body and attached to the front part of the hipbone above, and to the shinbone below.

The sartorius is the muscle which performs the familiar and relaxing leg-crossing act, turning the leg in and the thigh out. The muscle is therefore called sartorius because tailors doing hand sewing cross their legs.So it is the tailor's muscle.

Satyriasis is excessive and abnormal sexual excitement in the female.The similar condition in the female is called nymphomania.Local abnormalities such as a tight foreskin and other irritations, as well as psychic disturbances, may be the cause
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