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Body chills without fever cause

Chills accompanied by shaking of the entire body and chattering of the teeth may be the result of erotic excitement, great nervous upset of severe pain in any part of the body. In such cases, the chill is not marked by fever. But Chills may be the start of illnesses such as pleurisy, pneumonia, or some other infectious disease or pus formation in any part of the body.

In this case, the chills are ushered in with high temperature, which rises even higher after the chill is over. The treatment of all chills is putting the patient in a comfortable warm bed, calming and reassuring him, and giving hot drinks.

Take the temperature every half hour.If there is no fever during and after the chill, it can be diagnosed as a nervous chill and will be soon forgotten, unless the patient is neurotic and wishes lots of sympathy and attention, when you will do well not to dispense too much of it.

But when there is fever with the chill, you will have to call a doctor to diagnose the case and institute the appropriate treatment. Until the doctor arrives, you may give the patient a warm, salt water enema and an alcohol sponging, always supplying enough warm or cool drinks
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