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Best Ketogenic Diet

Lose-Weight-Using-A-Ketogenic-DietThe ketogenic diet consists mostly of fat and very little carbohydrate and protein.The excess of fat in the diet produces a condition of partial acidosis which is of value in the treatment of epilepsy. The diet consists of citrus fruit juice, bran biscuits, vegetable salads, an ounce and a half of meat, and jello.

This is all the carbohydrate and protein allowed per day.The main quantity of daily calories is made up of fat, which includes bacon, butter, cream and ice cream.

Breakfast consist of a bran biscuit, an ounce of butter,bacon, and orange juice or grapefruit

Lunch consists of broth well creamed with heavy cream, not with starch or flour, a vegetable salad of lettuce , tomato and watercress with a cream dressing, ice cream

Dinner consists of 1,5 ounces of beef, steamed vegetables like squash, carrot and string beans or spinach, cabbage and turnip with plenty of butter, gelatine with lemon juice and heavy cream.

This diet is discussed under epilepsy
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