Anatomy Hyoid Bone

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The hyoid bone is situated in the uppermost part of the neck above the larynx, just above the "Adam's apple." If you press your fingers gently in that region of the neck, you may be able to feel its outline.

It is curved, U-shaped, thin bone suspended by ligaments from bony pointers of the skull bones (styloid processes of the temporal bones) and is held close to the lower jaw. It is also connected below by ligaments to the larynx.And so the hyoid bone swings from its suspended position with every movement of the tongue , jaw and throat, by the many muscles attached to it and to these parts.

The closed end of this U-shaped or bow-shaped bone is in front of the neck, while the open ends face back toward the spine.It serves to stabilize the larynx, move the tongue, and possibly as a sounding board for the voice like the skull bones.

In fact, the hyoid bone is considered part of the skull
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