Pagets Disease

Paget's disease is an eczema-like eruption around the nipple of the female breast.It starts as a mere redness and inflammation around the nipple, which gradually becomes scaly and crusty and discharges a thick excretion. It shows a tendency not to heal easily.

The cause is not known. Some authorities advise cutting the affected area away including a surrounding area of healthy breast tissue. X-ray and radium treatments cure many of the cases .The main thing is not to neglect an eruption or eczema around the nipple, especially when there is a discharge from the nipple it self, and when there is a little lump at one side.

Not every discharge from the nipple and not every lump in the breast is an indication of cancer.The head of a great clinic, specializing in tumors, says that over a period of many years he found that most sored and lumps of the breast are not cancerous.

And therefore everything should be done to make sure whether a radical operation is really needed, and no woman should be subjected to an operation of the breast simply because there is a lump in the breast or a discharge from the nipple.

I know of a number of cases in my personal experience where patients had these symptoms many years ago and are old ladies now, but nothing serious ever develop in their breasts.

With cancer clinics now being established all over the country, there is no need of neglecting any abnormality in the breast or in any other organ.

There is a Paget's disease of the bones, also called "osteitis deformans". It is a disease of elderly people characterized by swelling and softening of the bones, finally producing deformities of the spine.

The cause is not well known, but most likely it is a result of long-standing poor nutrition and chronic infections. The proper treatment is prevention by educating people that you cannot keep a healthy body on a breakfast of coffee and toasted white bread , or a bit of canned vegetables soup and white bread  and maybe a piece of pie, which is mostly starch and sugar, for lunch,and a repetition of the breakfast menu for supper.

This refined way of starvation on a refined diet will cause many an obscure and incurable disease. The actual treatment of this disease consists in improved hygiene, an adequate diet, tonics and fresh air, and ultraviolet light treatment
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