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Fattening-Foods-and-Worst-Fattening-Foods-for-Healthy-DietA fattening diet should not be indulged in if one is between five and ten pounds under the standard weight for that person's age and height, providing he or she is consuming a balanced and adequate daily ration and is in good health.

If, however, a person is between ten and twenty pounds under his standard weight, even though in good health, or he is underweight after convalescing from a disease, then he should enrich his diet in order to bring his weight up.

In doing this, one should be careful not to overeat and spoil his digestion, thus defeating his own good intentions.

Let your gain in weight be e result of eating more of good natural foods rich in vitamins and minerals, and not from mere indulgence in sweets and grease.

Take two or three extra glasses of milk daily, have another egg at breakfast or eat whole grain cereal, especially brown rice, made into a rich pudding with cream and honey.

Also take a larger portion of meat with your lunch, and have fish at dinner.Use whole wheat bread and butter in larger amounts at every meal, and of course potatoes and other vegetables.

All these foods taken in larger quantities , but not to excess, will gradually produce the desired gain in weight.
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