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Dermatitis Definition and Treatment

dermatitis skinDermatitis is an inflammation of the skin varying from slight irritation and redness (erythema), as in some allergic eruptions, to deep inflammations with eruption of pimples and pustules.

Dermatitis may be acquired by contact with poisonous plants (poison ivy) or by contact with irritating and poisonous chemicals.

It may also be caused by allergy to certain foods consumed or by not eating the necessary foods (avitaminosis)

In dermatitis from external contact with irritants, wash off with plenty of soap and water, and apply a mild soothing lotion or ointment like boric acid ointment or calamine lotion.

If caused by spoiled food or food you are allergic to, take a good dose of mill of magnesia, followed by two 5 grain tablets of calcium lactate every 3 hours for two days, and of course  keep away from offending foods.Sponge the eruption with alcohol or apply calamine lotion as follows:

  • Calamine            2 drams

  • Zinc Oxide         1 drams

  • Glycerin             1 drams

  • Lime water (enough to make 4 ounces )

Mix, label "shake well, for external use" apply 3 times a day

If the dermatitis is initiated by a deficient diet, poor health generally and poor hygiene, the diet must be improved and possibly supplemented by vitamins, the hygiene and general health be corrected by daily warm baths, fresh air day and night, and tonic medication, as Extract Liver, Iron and Red bone Marrow (Armour) taken in tablespoon doses 3 times a day after meals.

Fat and grease must be excluded from the diet, and plenty of fruit, vegetables and whole grain cereals included in addition to milk, eggs and lean meat.

The dermatitis in these cases is characterized by eruptions of pustules with scaly and crusty formations on the skin.

These deposits on the skin should be removed by soaking with warm olive oil, then wiping away with rubbing alcohol, and if on the scalp, by combing out before wiping with the alcohol.

After the skin is clear of the incrustations, apply Boric acid Ointment if the skin looks red and sore.

If it is not sore and inflamed, or if the soreness has disappeared after using the mild boric acid ointment, but there is still some scale and crust formation, then apply the following:

  • Salicylic Acid           5 grains

  • Ammoniated mercury ointment 5 %       3 drams

  • Rose water ointment (enough to make 1 ounce)

Mix into an ointment.apply it nightly


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