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Benign and Malignant Tumors

Benign tumorsBenign tumors are growths or swellings in the body not following inflammation.They have no tendency to spread throughout the body like malignant tumors. As a rule benign tumors do not affect the general health.

They should stay small. When arrested from further growth, they are harmless. However, if they grow to considerable size, they bring on symptoms by the pressure exerted on surrounding organs.

In that case, it is best to have them removed before they grow too large. The skin, the fat, the muscle, the bone, the nerve, the gland, the cartilage, the fibrous tissue, any one of these tissues may grow tumors of their own kind of tissue.

Accordingly there are fibrous, fatty, bony, glandlike, and other kinds of tissue tumors. Some tumors take the form of cysts filled with fluid, or tumors can be made up of a mixture of tissues- bone , hair, and cartilaginous tissue.

The pilonidal cysts are mostly congenital. That is , they exist from birth and occur mostly at the end of the spinal column.

In the ovaries and testes, such cyst tumors can also occur, and these tumors are usually made up of several kinds of tissues.

A benign disease is a disease, any disease, which runs a mild course aside from benign tumors.
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