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What Is Hydrophobia

hydrophobia or rabiesHydrophobia or rabies is a dangerous virus disease affecting animals, but it is mostly from dogs that man gets it.Dog bites man, and man contracts the disease. Man gets it from no other animals, so it may be a good idea to leave dogs out of civilized society.

Stray dogs are more likely to develop hydrophobia than those receiving good care.Exposure, uncleanliness and contaminated food all contribute to the likelihood of the virus reaching the animal.

When a dog first becomes infected with this disease, it merely shows signs of irritability and restlessness.Later it has difficulty in swallowing, the lower jaw hangs down, and a stream of saliva runs out continuously from its mouth.

At this stage the dog will run wild and will bite.Eventually the disease affects the brain, the animal gets paralyzed and dies.

When a man has been bitten by a rabid dog, it will take from 20 to 90 days for the symptoms of the disease to show themselves.

The course of the disease in man is the same as in the dog. But much depends on which part of the man's body was bitten.It is much less dangerous when the leg is bitten than when the bite is on the arm or face, because the greater the distance between the wound and the brain, the longer it takes before the brain is affected.

The wound must be opened wide and cauterized with carbolic acid, or other strong acid.If the bite is on the face or hand, Pasteur treatment should be started without delay and without waiting for examination of the dog's brain.

Oherwise the dog should be killed and its brain examined for the rabies virus.

Where no doctor is within call, fall back upon a sterilized razor blade, small knife or scissors to enlarge and lay open the wound, permit it to bleed freely for a few moments, and then swab it quickly and thoroughly with carbolic, hydrochloric or sulphuric acid.

Pure lysol or CN will do if nothing else is obtainable.Then cover the wound with sterile gauze and bandage it. The victim should be taken to a Board of Health treatment center.The dog is to be killed and brought along for examination
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