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What is heat prostration treatment

314320-002Heat prostration is a condition affecting overworked and weak individuals when overheated.The patient turns pale, the skin is cool and clammy, he is dizzy and faint, and may be nauseous and vomit.

Don't give him any cold drinks but do give hot coffee, place him in a lying position, lowering his head and elevating his feet, massage him and place a hot water bag to his feet.Also give him half a teaspoonful of "aromatic spirits of ammonia" in water.

Some people who work in closed hot places will sweat excessively and suffer attacks of cramps in the muscles of the legs and abdomen.

These cases need salt.Give them a good pinch of salt in water every minutes.Keep them warm in airy room, not in a cold room. If people working overheated places take a pinch of salt every hour and drink plenty of water, they will prevent such attacks.

Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is the result of direct overexposure to the hot summer sun.The skin is red hot, the person feels dizzy,faint, nauseous, has ringing in the ears, sees spots before his eyes and may run a very high temperature.

Place him in a cool room, remove his clothing, sponge him with a cool water and give him cool drinks but no stimulants

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