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Rust Colored Sputum

Sputum is the expectorated secretion from the throat and lungs.Normally, it has a clear appearance and is not excessive. People living in large cities expectorate  a gray sputum all the time due to the constant inhalation of dust.

In many city dwellers the lungs are thickened in some parts and show dark, shadowy spots on x-ray films.This is a result of a chronic, low grade inflammation caused by the inhalation of dirty and dusty air.

Attacks of pneumonia and pleurisy are often caused by the breathing of impure city air.The smoke and coal-gas laden city air is also the cause of cancer of the lungs.

So the city dwellers should make it their business to spend as much time as possible at the seashore or in the country, and if they can see their way to establishing themselves permanently in the country or in a suburb, so much the better.

If the sputum has a thick, yellowish or greenish appearance it is indication of a catarrh or of an infection in the throat or lungs.

A doctor should be consulted about it so that he can determine the source and cause of the condition.

Infections of the mouth and teeth and the constant swallowing of pus, and tobacco smoking, are common causes of chronic catarrhs of the throat and lungs, which produce yellow and green, pus-like sputum.

Bloody sputum may result from nasal bleeding which gets into the throat, but it may also be the result of bleeding from the throat or lungs, and in this case, too, the advice of a doctor should be sought

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