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How To Learn Hypnotism

Hypnotism is a method of breaking down the conscious resistance of a patient by inducing a state of relaxation and subconsciousness in order to make him receptive to the doctor's suggestions regarding the cure of ailment.

Mental ailments and hysterical conditions are most likely to respond to this method of treatment. But since the newer methods of suggestion by psychoanalysis, persuasion and re-education have been adopted, hypnotism is not used any longer.

Like everything else having to do with mental processes, hypnotism has been given a sexual background by the Freud followers.

Actually it is merely an inducement depending on the willingness and cooperation of the patient. It has not been proved that a person can be hypnotized against his will or that a hypnotized person can be made to do anything which goes against character or belief.

A hypnotized person is, then , only a willing and cooperative subject in an effort to get relief from an ailing condition, and there is nothing sexy about it.

The hypnotic state is induced by having the patient consent to free his mind from all objection to the doctor's suggestions, and relax perfectly in a comfortable posture ready to fall asleep.

He is then asked to concentrate his gaze upon an object like a bead or the point of a pencil in order to help his relaxed mind slide into a state of fatigue and sleep, and then telling him : " Your eyelids are getting heavy, you are tired and sleepy, you are becoming more and more sleepy and your eyes are shutting, you see everything darken before your eyes, your eyes are all closed now and you are unable to open them.You are at perfect rest and ease, breathing quietly, deeply and regularly, your are asleep"

and so the hypnotizer goes on pronouncing the monotonous phrases until the patient is in a deep sleep.During the period of semiconsciousness the doctor suggest that the patient will wake up when ordered to by doctor.

Also during the hypnotic state the patient receives suggestions to loosen his contracted joints, or move his paralyzed limb, or regain his lost voice, and usually good and permanent results are effected by this method of treatment, especially, of hysterical states

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