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Ephedrine how its work??

ephedrine plantEphedrine is a powerful drug abstracted from a Chinese plant called Mahaung. Its effect on the body is the same as the effect of "adrenalin". It causes constriction of mucous membranes and superficial blood vessels, and that is why it is used for head colds in the form of drops for the nose and throat.

The effect is only temporary, and it should not be used more than once or twice at the onset of a cold. If it does not cut the attack short, it is worse than useless to continue with it.

Adrenaline and ephedrine raise the blood pressure and may cause severe headache, dizziness, and severe trembling and faintness.

A good many sensitive people will simply prolong their head colds by using these drops. The reaction and irritation following the temporary contraction of the nasal mucous membrane will only increase the discharge and inflammation in a good many people.

It is therefore advisable to try only a couple of drops the first time and watch the effect, if it does no harm and gives some relief, you may use it once more, and then rely on your own natural powers and a rest in bed to perform the reminder of your recovery.

Taken by mouth ephedrine is very helpful in case
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