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Breast Tumors In The FEMALE

Since tumors of the breast, like tumors of the skin, are on the outside of the body cavities they are most easily and permanently removed, especially if detected early when the tumor is small.

The smaller the tumor the more permanent the cure.This applies to malignant tumors as well as to benign.

Malignant breast tumors may occur in women from the age of 16 to extreme old age.Recent statistics have shown that cancer occurs more frequently in the breast than in any other part of the body, next in frequency is cancer of the skin and third on the list of cancer of the womb.

Every female past the age of 16 should learn to observe  any change in the condition of her breasts by looking them over directly in front of a mirror and by examining them gently with her fingers.

She should observe carefully the size, contour and consistency of each breast.Normally, one may be slightly larger than the other , the nipples may also not be of the same size. About one week before menstruation the breasts fill up and become tender and often painful due to the activity of the ovarian hormones, just have them supported by a comfortable brassiere and, if very painful, massage them once or twice a day for five minutes with a wash cloth wrung out in hot water.

Begin this massage at the nipple and work outward, covering the entire breast.

Normally, you will find that the glands in the breasts extend like beaded strings from the nipple outward, and the skin and subcutaneous fat is free and loose over the glandular structure.

By familiarizing yourself well with the normal size, contour, and consistency of each breasts, you will easily be able to notice any abnormality as soon as it occurs.

If you notice a bulge or enlargement in any part of the breasts, or a cracking or discharging nipple, a shrunken and permanently drawn-in nipple, a bloody discharge from the nipple, a hard lump in the breast where there was none before, a hard lump right under the skin, especially when it seems to be pulling the skin out of its normal rounded contour, you should consult a doctor immediately and take his advice promptly.

None of these abnormalities may indicate malignancy, but the sooner you will seek medical aid the more safe you are from any dangerous development.

The breast may have inflammations, infections, abscesses, cysts, fibromas, adenomas, papilomas, and many other innocent formations other than cancer.

Acquaint yourself thoroughly with the normal condition of your breasts and their periodic normal changes, so that you will be able to notice promptly any abnormal appearance in their size, shape, contour and consistency
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