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bread bleachAs far as health is concerned, the bleaching creams generally employed to bleach the skin usually contain poisonous mercury compounds and should not be used.

Bleach as used for purpose of changing the color of the hair will in the end cause destruction of the hair, be the bleach peroxide or any other substance.

Try to enhance the health and beauty of your hair , but leave it in its natural state and it will add to your charm and personality more than the artificially bleached hair.

To bleach the skin after excessive tanning or freckling, use harmless lemon juice.

Bleaching of foods, as the bleaching of fruit by sulphur dioxide or other sulphur compounds and the bleaching of flour by nitrogen trichloride, is even worse than bleaching the hair because poisonous substances are thus treacherously and inexcusably introduced into our bodies with the foods

Our foods should not be bleached, artificially dyed, flavored or coated with shellac.Our defective food and drug laws at least compel food processors to state on the label the artificial bleaches, colorings,flavors,preservatives and other adulterants added in the food.Just do not buy these kinds.

Most of our white flour used for making bread, crackers, cake, pastries and all sorts of spaghetti and macaroni is bleached by nitrogen trichloride, which forms a poisonous compound with the protein of the flour.

Feeding of experimental animals with this bleached flour has proved poisonous and destructive to them.

Eat only whole wheat bread and white bread made from unbleached flour.

There are bakeries specializing in the use of this kind of flour.
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