Nettlerash or Urticaria

Nettlerash is a skin eruption in the form of hives and is caused mostly by spoiled food or by being allergic to some particular food or drug and by sensitivity to serums ,vaccines and antitoxins.

The antihistaminic drugs, such as pyribenzamin or benadryl, are now used in these cases, don't take more than one dose of any them.

A grain dose of ephedrine will give relief, it may be repeated in an hour.A tablespoonful of milk of magnesia should be taken as a laxative .Calcium lactate tablets, 5 grains each, should be taken every 3 hours.

Keep away from whatever food or drug started this condition.Sponging the skin with a baking soda solution will relieve the itching.The following medicine may be used if the eruption persists or in chronic cases.

  • Menthol      30 grains

  • Glycerin       2 drams

  • Alcohol  (isopropyl, 90 % and 

  • With hazel, of each enough to make 4 ounces

Mix. For external use. Apply on the skin every 3 hours.

A calamine lotion is also helpful.In Chronic cases the treatment is the same, but the diet must be restricted to exclude all possible foods to which the patient is sensitive.Sometimes  autohemotherapy or foreign protein injections are of help.These treatments need a doctor of course
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