Lime is the oxide of calcium and in the unslaked form makes a strong disinfectant.When two pounds of lime are mixed with a pint of water, slaked lime is formed and much heat is generated,when used in this state it is also a very powerful disinfectant, but becomes more inert on long exposure to the air.

Lime preparations serve to disinfect excretions, privy vaults and garbage dumps. White wash is slaked lime to which more water has been added. It still has disinfecting properties in this state and renders itself useful in whitewashing walls of stables, barns, cellars, chicken coops and other infected buildings.

Whitewash destroys germs and their spores in the crevices of walls.Unslaked and freshly slaked lime are caustic and should be handled carefully.The oxide of lime , together with other calcium salts, is found in bones and other body tissues
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