Leukoplakia is a disease of the mucous membrane of the mouth and tongue.There is a information inside the checks and on the tongue of withish pimples and patches which persist for a long time.

It mostly comes of chronic irritation from smoking and decayed teeth.Alcoholism and sharp and irritating foods are contributory causes. The treatment is to stop using the irritants completely, receive dental care of the teeth, cleanse the mouth thoroughly twice daily, and rinse the mouth with about a pint of warm salt water and baking soda solution ( a teaspoonful of each to the pint of hot water).

Adhering to the milk, water, brown rice and apple diet for a week will help clear the condition quickly.After a week, fresh vegetables and lean meat are added to the diet and it is then gradually increased to a full, well nourishing diet of whole wheat bread, whole grain cereals, fresh fruit and fresh vegetables.but keep the intake of fat, starches and sugar at a minimum .Some cases of leukoplakia may turn into epithelioma, if neglected

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