Echinococcus Disease

Echinococcus_This is a serious condition occurring in man as a result of swallowing the eggs of a small tapeworm commonly found in dogs. This disease can be  contracted by being much in contact with a dog.Did you ever see how dainty women, carry their beloved poodles, holding their hands right under the rectum?

How simply and easily that will contaminate their dainty fingers, and then from their fingers to theirs lips or yours in only an arm's length, and that is one way of getting the disease into their or your intestines.

Other ways are by eating contaminated foods, or vegetables that were not thoroughly cleaned and washed.It can be contracted from other animals as well. Let the dogs take care of themselves, your leash and affection make for dog misery.

Keep dogs away from your table and out of your house, and observe scrupulous cleanliness in preparing your food  to prevent this and many other diseases.

Once the Echinococcus eggs enters the human stomach, its shell becomes digested and out comes six hook-like embryos, which penetrate through the wall of the stomach or intestine, and get into other organs, however, they usually prefer the liver where they form a cyst (Hydatid Cyst).

The cysts multiply from within and also branch out, causing an abscess in the liver , and who desires that?

The treatment is usually operative.So it is wiser not to have any contact with dogs. Human beings should live in peace with each other, and not need dogs or guns to watch them.Certainly, humans should not need to have dogs to amuse them!
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