A blister is a bleb on the skin formed when serum, pus or blood accumulates under the skin. A serum bleb may be caused by pressure, irritation, perspiration or a burn. Treat it with a boric acid compress and a tight bandage.

If it is very painful, puncture with a sterilized needle and use the same dressing.Small serum blisters often form in summer-time on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet.They are produced by excessive and acid perspiration.

Wash thoroughly  with soap and water, dry and apply calamine lotion twice a day.Bathing the afflicted hands or feet in a solution of one teaspoonful of alum powder to a pint of warm water will check perspiration.

  • Calamine powder

  • Zinc oxide powder each   2 drams

  • Boric acid                               2 drams

  • Rose water (enough to make 4 ounces)

mix ,direct to shake well and apply 2 or 3 times a day over the blistered skin.

A pus bleb shows an infection usually following a puncture by a pointed instrument or object of any kind.Open the bleb with a sterilized needle, press out the pus with cotton, being careful not to touch the pus, wash out with peroxide and then with boric acid solution, finally apply a boric acid dressing, changing it daily.

Go through the same procedure until the skin is healed. A bleb of blood is produced by rupture of a blood vessel or of capillaries.Use  a pressure dressing until the blood is absorbed
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