Bladder Diverticulum

Diverticulum is an abnormally stretched and dilated portion of the bowel forming a bulging pouch.Most often it forms in the last part of the large bowel (descending colon ) just above the sigmoid flexure.

Sometimes there may be more than one divertuculum, and in different parts of the bowel. Meckel's diverticulum forms from a fetal structure and one is born with it.

Otherwise a diverticulum is caused by constipation, weakness and age , also by overeating and overfilling of the intestinal tract with a lot of roughage.

When a diverticulum become irritated and inflamed (diverticulitis), it may cause a person to be pretty ill with a dull, aching pain in the region of the abdomen corresponding to the location of the pouch, and with headache, fever and bloody stools.

The symptoms may be so acute that it requires an operation to resect the sac.An X-ray usually discloses the condition, otherwise it may be mistaken for another abdominal disease.

Aperson with a diverticulum can get along and feel well if he keeps away from all roughage in his diet. He must not eat any food with the skins, pits, pulp or seeds.

He must not overeat, and must see that his bowels move regularly.He must avoid all spiced, pickled and preserved foods.

During a mild attack of pain it is best to rest in bed a day or two, clear out the bowels, apply heat to the abdomen and have a liquid diet.
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