What is Gait

Gait is the characteristic posture and walk assumed by a person suffering from a particular disease. The Sickly, the weak and the discouraged usually assume a careless and indifferent appearance and  posture in walking, whether they suffer from physical disease or mental depression.

People suffering from dizziness walk like drunkards.Those suffering from the brain-type paralysis of both lower limbs can hardly drag their feet and will seem to be standing still holding the legs close together and barely lifting them from the ground, shoving along inch by inch.

The high-stepping gait is a symptom of paralysis caused by spinal cord disease and the incoordination of the patient's muscular movements, the patient will lift his legs high but the feet will just drop and fall flat on the ground.

In this case, the brain directs the raising of the limb, but the spinal cord cannot respond to perform the action properly, and the leg and foot drop in disappointment. This is called the "ataxic gait"

The "hurried gait" is characteristic of "Parkinson's disease" or paralysis agitans, the patient is usually bent forward, takes a few slow steps and then seems to make treated. Furs are also a cause of allergy in many sensitive individuals.
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