Keloid is a hard, cordlike, pink growth, usually along the scar of an incision following an operation.But a keloid may form over any scar resulting from an injury or pimple.Often these growths result from poor suturing of an incision so that the skin edges were not in proper opposition and therefore cells from deeper tissues grew out on the surface.

Some people are said to have a special dispotion to these kinds of the growths when their skin is irritated from any cause.Sometimes a keloid will form on a fresh scar by outside irritation,as pressure from an abdominal belt or from scratching.

Many keloids, if let alone and not irritated, will soften and disappear in time .If, however, it shows a tendency to thicken and be painful, plastic surgery may be tried . Carbon dioxide snow treatment helps. I doubt the advisability of X-ray or radium in this case
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