Hydrochloric Acid

Hydrochloric acid is the only inorganic acid occupying a most important position in the body functions.Special glands in the middle portion of the stomach constantly secrete hydrochloric acid. It is needed for the digestion of proteins.

Owing to the presence of alkaline food and the alkaline saliva which we incorporate into the food, the hydrochloric acid content of the resting stomach is only about 0.2%, but this figure rises immensely when our appetite rises (appetite spells increased gastric juice).
muriatic acid

Therefore one should eat only when he feels the need and desire to eat, and then eat everything set before him with relish and gusto, otherwise the gastric juice is of poor quality and contains very little of the hydrochloric acid which is so essential for good digestion.

Hydrochloric acid is used in industry in very concentrated form, so concentrated as to be an escharotic poison when it comes in contact with the body tissues.Read further about it under Poisoning

Very dilute hydrochloric acid is frequently prescribed to be taken internally for the relief of indigestion and in many other conditions, but for this purpose it can be tolerated only in a highly dilute form, and when taken in this weak form it must be diluted still further.
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