Herpes Or Shingles

Herpes is an eruption of very small, hard, grayish-looking blisters which break after a couple of days forming pustules. The so called cold blisters are a type of herpes.HerpesHerpes may erupt on the face or any other part.When the eruptions is in a straight line, as around the chest or neck following the course of superficial nerves, its called " herpes zoster" or shingles .

I cannot see that all the various and fancy names can do anybody any good at all. The causes of the whatever you wish to call this malady are chilling of the body or exposure of the face to the wind , a roundown state of the body, infections, infected teeth and other diseases, a poor diet or overeating and drinking.

The treatment is to remove the cause and local application of calamine lotion as the following:
Zinc oxide    2 drams

Calamine     2 drams

Glycerin       1 drams

Alcohol        4 drams

Rose water, enough to make 4 ounces

 Mix.Shake well and apply to affected part three times daily.

If there is much inflammation, apply diluted burow's solution compresses.

The following ointment is also helpful:
Tincture benzoin compound        2 drams

Menthol                                             10 grains

Lanolin and Vaseline, of each to make 1 ounce

Mix and make an ointment, apply three times a day

Painting the blisters with compound tincture of benzoin is also very helpful. Herpes is an affection of the nerve endings in the skin, and is said to be caused by a virus which also causes the eruption of chicken pox and other virus and germ infections.

People easily attacked by infections are usually in a debilitated state and need improvement in diet and hygiene.The following tonic is advisable:
Extract Liver and Yeast (Armour)    8 ounces

Take 2 teaspoonfuls three times a day after meals

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