Gastric Ulcer

The treatment of gastric ulcer has been outlined in great detail under the heading duodenal Ulcer, the nature (pathology) and course (clinical picture) are the same in both. The main points I wish to emphasize are that ulcer patients who suffer attack with bleeding should be treated medically and not be rushed to the operating room.

In fact, they should not be rushed into any technical procedure, nor stomach instrumentation of any kind, not even X-ray pictures, which will only aggravate the bleeding and upset and frighten the patient when he is in greatest need of physical, mental and stomach rest.

Dr.Albert F.R.Andersen of the long island college of medicine ( known in my young days as long island college hospital) aptly stressed these points in  an address before the medical society of the state of New York in may 1947, together with a complete course of treatment of all possible complications.

By the way, Dr.Andersen, in his manner of approach and treatment of diseased human beings, is upholding the tradition of this great medical institution (L.I.C.M) whose fine teachers have, even at the turn of this century, pronounced the dictum that doctors should "treat patients and not diseases," meaning that sick human beings should not be treated mechanically and objectively like broken down machinery, but should be treated with the utmost consideration for their feelings and welfare as individual personalities.

Gastric ulcer is not a fatal disease even when bleeding occurs, and therefore these patients can be treated with deliberation.However, in case of a ruptured ulcer , an immediate operation is sometimes necessary.

People suffering with chronic gastric ulcer will get along well and live a long life as long as they stay on a restricted but full and adequate diet, and keep away from all preserved , smoked and pickled foods and from spice, chocolate, tea, coffee, alcohol and tobacco, and refrain from all worry and excitement. To counteract any symptoms of pain and heart burn, they should take the following:
Magnesia oxide (heavy)    2 ounces

Prepared chalk                     1 ounce

Mix and take a teaspoonful in water half an hour before meals

Mucin or gastron is helpful in all ulcer cases.Take a teaspoonful in milk between meals. Gelusil is most useful in case of painful heartburn.


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