forehead-wrinklesForehad is the front part of the skull extending from the eyebrows to slightly beyond the natural hair line, not the " hair line" of a bald headed person. This part of the skull is formed by the "frontal bone". The forehead is covered by a very thin muscle, called the " occipitofrontalis" muscle, which connects with a similar muscle at the back (occiput) of the skull.

The two muscles are connected by a membrane-like tendon which glides over the top of the scalp.In the front, this muscles around the eyelids.When the occipito-frontalis muscle contracts it throws the skin of the forehead into the familiar horizontal folds, which adolescents think is a sign of sage wisdom.

The ridges underneath the hair of the eyebrows mark the "frontal sinues," which are spaces between layers of the frontal bone.These sinuses communicate with the nose and are often inflamed or congested from extension of the common cold or catarrh of the nose.

In cases of inflammation of the frontal sinuses there is pain over the ridges of the eyebrows, often giving a feeling of great weight and heaviness of the entire head.When striking lightly with a finger over the ridges, a severe pain will be experienced in case of inflammation of the sinuses.

That does not mean, however, that you need special treatment, such as washing, probing, operating or meddling with these sinuses. Just take care of the cold by rest in a comfortably warm room, keep calm, have a light diet, thoroughly clean out the intestinal tract, use glucophedrin drops in the nose once or twice, apply a hot water bag over the brow, or use a heat lamp against the brow for 15 minutes twice daily, use soft paper tissues for clearing the nose so as not to increase the irritation of the mucous membrane, and the sinus congestion will take care of itself.

The more excited you get over the sinuses and the more you meddle with them, the more  congested they will become and the more "special treatment" will be required
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