Fallen Arches is

Fallen Arches 
and flat feet are caused by being overweight.Excessive weight bears heavily on the feet and also produces knock-knees and faulty position or turning-in of the foot. Occupations requiring long hours of being on the feet, as in the case of waiters and salespeople, are often the cause of fallen arches and flat feet.

They may also result from muscular and joint weakness, after injury or disease.Ill-fitting shoes and unpoised awkward walking without a springy flexibility of the feet and without good body balance also cause the feet to flatten out.

Mental sluggishness and lack of intelligence are contributing causes of flat feet. Overweight should be reduced, the general health improved, and the proper use of the feet in walking corrected.

Youngsters and grownups who have develop the habit of knock-knee and turning-in of the inner borders of the feet should train themselves gradually to walk with knees and feet turned out. Attention and conscious effort will easily overcome this condition.

Shoes ought to be roomy, round-toed , straight-lined on the inner side, and with a medium-sized  heel well placed under the heel of the foot.

Don't wait until the fallen arch becomes a third degree case when it is almost impossible to correct
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