Cholagogues are medicines which increase the flow of bile. Epsom salt, sodium phosphate and the bile salt have this effect. Dehydrocholic acid comes in one or two grain tablets and is a modern bile stimulant.

It may be taken two or three times a day one hour after meals. Take Epsom salt or sodium phosphate in the morning, an hour before breakfast, two or three teaspoonfuls in 1/2 glass of water, and follow, in 15 minutes, by a glass of hot water.

The following prescription is a good bile stimulant:
1.sodium salicylate   1 dram
2.Purified ox bile        2 dram
Mix. Divide and make 30 capsules. Take one an hour after each meal.

If it causes diarrhea, take it only once a day, otherwise 3 times a day. All these remedies are equally good for a catarrhal condition of the liver,bile ducts or gallbladder
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